Without TouchingBase.io, I Would Have Missed Out on a $6000 Deal

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Kai Davis is a Digital Outreach, SEO and Link-Building Consultant and the Founder of Double Your eCommerce. For over seven years, he's been focused on providing white-hat SEO and Digital Outreach strategies to help businesses get discovered online and increase their sales.

TouchingBase.io has been invaluable to me, both in terms of my professional and personal life. So often a prospect will send me an email, we'll have a call and they'll say, "This is great. But we're not ready to move forward for four months." And I'm like, "That's perfect." I just drop them into TouchingBase.io.

It's like magic

It's so easy to do. I just click three buttons in Gmail and the thread is archived. I don't have to think about it until it shows up in my inbox. It's like magic to have the email pop up monthly or quarterly and be able to drop my prospect a quick email and say, "Hey, are you ready to work together?"

My old system couldn't handle this at all. I used OmniFocus to track my tasks, and I'd drop a task into my inbox that said, "Email Jim about the thing," and paste a link to the Gmail conversation into my notes in OmniFocus.

The problem was, I'd end up with 45 tasks on my to do list that were literally just, "Email this person." And I'm like, "This is terrible! I don't know what's going on!" I'd click and Gmail would take forever to load. And half the time I'd just forget to process them, because they were in my to-do list, but they weren't tasks I could easily take action on. I didn't know the context of the emails anymore.

It was a mess! It was hell on Earth.

But that all changed with TouchingBase.io. Now, I don't even need to think about it. The email pops up, and I have the entire context of the conversation there. I'm sure somehow I could have made it work in the old system, but it would have taken ten times as long and left me ten times as frustrated.

TouchingBase.io has given me an ability that I just didn't have before

TouchingBase.io has given me an ability that I just didn't have before.

Here's an example of putting it into action. Recently, a prospect reached out to me after I was interviewed on a podcast and said, "Hey, I'd love to have a call and see if you'd be a good match for our e-commerce store."

We had an initial call, and he was interested in moving forward together, but they had a website launch coming up. They were moving platforms, and he said, "We definitely want to do a project together, but we won't be ready until we're on the new platform. So let's keep in touch as we move forward." TouchingBase.io let me elegantly manage that conversation as I waited for them to get their side of the table in order.

With TouchingBase.io it's so easy to have the email in front of me when I need to take action

Without the system, I probably would have missed out on this deal. There's a good chance it would have just slipped off the table, but with TouchingBase.io it was so easy to have the email in front of me when I needed to take action. And it ended up landing me a $6000 project.

Another benefit is that this isn't just for new prospects. I've also been using it with my past clients. It's made it so much easier to keep in touch with people I've worked with before and say, "Hey, we haven't worked together for a few months. I'm just curious, you know, how your business is going. What are you working on? What's exciting and new?"

That's led to a couple of referrals, a couple of interesting conversations, and a couple of podcasting opportunities. There are three wins right there, just from following up. This helps me land more deals and also stay on top of them. It helps me save time, it helps me keep my conversations with past clients moving forward positively, and it keeps me at the top of their mind.

There are so many opportunities after the project has been delivered to keep in touch and build that customer relationship

I even use it after the fact, to say "Hey! Can I get a testimonial from you?" There are so many opportunities after the check has cleared and after the project has been delivered to keep in touch and build that customer relationship.

I use TouchingBase.io in all these different ways now, but when I first started out, I only used it with about 2-3 prospects. Even with that small number, it was valuable to not have to worry about or think about when I needed to be touching base with people, or worry if I forget about their email. Now, I think I have somewhere around 30-40 different conversations going.

Now, 30-40 conversations is a lot. Imagine all the time it takes to handle those without a system in place. It's so easy for consultants to forget about the time cost of managing conversations and keeping the thread moving forward. If I'm talking to 10 prospects once a month, and it takes me 5 minutes per prospect to find the conversation, or even 10 minutes to find the conversation, read up on it, and send off that email, that's a couple of hours each month that I'm spending.

TouchingBase.io more than pays for itself

But TouchingBase.io eliminates so much of the time that goes into managing those relationships. When you think about it that way, if a consultant is billing out somewhere between $100-200 an hour, and it helps save 1 hour a month, TouchingBase.io more than pays for itself. So both on the value it provides and the time I've saved, it's a huge win.

I'm loving the service. Absolutely loving it!

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