How many leads have you lost because you didn't follow up?

Set follow up reminders right inside Gmail. Never lose a lead in your inbox again.

1) Apply labels inside Gmail

2) We scan your inbox every day

3) We remind you with an email draft

Following up is the most critical component to ensuring you have a steady stream of work

But sometimes when dealing with our crowded inboxes, we forget to switch over to the calendar and manually create a reminder.

This results in missed opportunities.

With, you can set a reminder in 2 clicks, so you'll never forget to follow up with a contact again.

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I've lost $60k projects because responses got lost in my inbox. Touching Base helps me keep up with clients, so that I'm following up with the people who matter most to my business.

Photo of Keith Perhac

Keith Perhac, Director, DelfiNet Inc.

Turn stale leads into new work

Sometimes a consulting relationship doesn't work out. Maybe the client decided to hire someone else or to put off the work until later.

The people you've already met are your most qualified leads. If you're not following up with them, you're probably losing money.

Use and you'll never forget about these quality opportunities.

Around the same time I realized I should take client follow up more seriously, a friend of mine showed me Within the first week of sending simple "how are things going" emails, I landed 3 new contracts. I love this tool because it's easy to use and doesn't clutter up my Gmail interface like some of the other tools do.

Photo of Jason Mahr

Jason Mahr, Copywriting Consultant

When my work load was reducing, I reached out to a project manager I had worked with on a past project. It turned out he was looking for a developer for an upcoming project. I ended up taking on a new 3 month assignment thanks to that initial email.

Photo of Glen Scott

Glen Scott, CEO of Yellow Square Development

Touch base with past clients to earn repeat work

People you've already worked with in the past are the most likely to hire you. They already know who you are and that you're trustworthy.

Successful consultants know that earning regular work requires building relationships with clients. Even when a contract or project is complete, it's still possible the client will need more done later.

Earning repeat work is easier than finding fresh leads. Stay in touch with clients using

Works on any device, no new apps or software needed works directly in Gmail without browser plugins, mobile app installs, or desktop software.

We'll never send email on your behalf. We'll simply remind you and create an email draft for you inside Gmail.

See it in action:

“You already have enough leads”

A note from Matt McCormick, founder of

If you're anything like me, you struggle to keep up with all the folks you've met through your career—the people you rely upon to bring you business now.

You don't care about calendar or scheduling software. What you want is to build a reliable consulting business.

Once, I met a fellow software developer. 9 months after we met, I sent him an email out of the blue to see how he was doing. It turns out he had started his own software consultancy in the meantime.

That relationship has resulted in $36,225 worth of business. This never would have happened if I hadn't followed up.

Other consultants I know pour so much work into finding new leads, but don't realize they have a goldmine sitting inside of their inboxes.

You already have enough leads. That's why I built I want to help consultants build steady, reliable businesses. Taking advantage of existing relationships is the best way to do that.

Matt McCormick

Matt McCormick, founder of

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Double your business just by 'Touching Base'! keeps me in touch with past clients and customers, ensuring that I'm top of their mind for new projects that come up.

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Kai Davis, Outreach Consultant